Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sexiest Car On The Road

The sexiest car on the road?

Could anything in the auto industry be more subjective? More open to argument?

Today's economic and political atmosphere would seem to dictate more discussions about cars that are fuel efficient and aerodynamic, or perhaps run on batteries, rather than those that are stacked with horsepower and sex appeal.

But consider that auto designers must work as much as five and six years in advance of when a car actually hits showrooms. New cars that are arriving at dealerships and auto shows this year were mere sketches on paper in 2006, well before the economic meltdown changed priorities for many consumers.

German automaker Audi is in the midst launching a new model in the U.S., the A7, with a marketing campaign that pushes the idea that the car, part of a modern design phenomenon known as the "four-door coupe," is worthy of being considered art. "The all-new Audi A7 takes cues from high art, with dramatic stylings and bold features, says Audi of America chief marketing officer Scott Keogh. "The A7 will join the ranks of icons in design and technology," Keogh added.

A TV and Internet video campaign for the A7 plays with the idea that a waiting public is so admiring of the A7 that people are busying themselves meticulously, cleaning, tidying and otherwise preparing roadways for the sexiest design ever.

The car does have its supporters for the title. "The A7 is like a sexy stiletto shoe that is also really comfortable," says Rebecaa Lindland, director of automotive research for North and South America as IHS Global Insight. "No question it is one of the most beautiful cars on the road." Lindland says she could argue the point for hours with people, and that her design standard until now has been the Porsche 911.

What is it about the car the elicits a comment like that, and makes Audi think it has the automotive equivalent of a "sexy beast" on its hands?Link


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